Where are Oculus inputs in 4.24?

Unreal Controller Input Mapping for Oculus Touch Controller, is not working on 4.24, please help me, i need all controls to update my game rom 4.23 to 4.24

Are you using any of the SteamVR plugins? Pre-4.24, you can access the inputs normally in the engine under Oculus Touch. In 4.24 you should still be able to access the inputs in the input settings under Oculus Touch.

I would need to know as well. If I try to compile an updated project I just get the info that the motion controller inputs are deprecated but I haven’t found the right way to integrate them :confused: if I search for oculus touch inputs I can’t find anything - only oculus go inputs are listed :confused:

Are you trying to access inputs in a Blueprint or through the Input Settings? As of 4.24, all actions must be driven through the Input Actions and Input Axis in the Project Settings->Input. You can set up whatever action you need and the Oculus Touch inputs should appear in the drop down under the Action. Trying to drive it directly in a Blueprint won’t work.

I’m having the same issue. I have used the new 4.24 mappings and none fire at all yet the depreciated ones FIRE still.

none of the input mappings for oculus touch work at all in 4.24, i see them listed. if i was you id use 4.22 when things actually worked. for now 4.24 mappings are broken and wont fire at all.

Two things: Have you made sure that the SteamVR project is turned on in your editor? Have you tried using an Oculus on a blank project?

I’ve been using an Oculus both from an upgraded project (4.22 to 4.24) and a blank project so I know it works. I haven’t run into any issues on Oculus, only on Vive.

Hello, i work with Oculus Quest and i attach the images of Quest inputs what i’m using:

Buttons X and A, it’s with the warning but it works.

And also you can check any button after changes, just call Event any key >> get key display name >> set to the text (attached to your VR camera for following it) or print string the name of the event. You press the button and it’s will show the name of the input on your device.

Hope i helped you!

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