Where are integrated classes from V-HACD?

I want to use V-HACD for my custom concave mesh what is generate in runtime.

I saw a short article for this issue. The UE4 is now using V-HACD! so the UE4 had integrated V-HACD for itself but cannot find where exactly there.

The third party module of HACD is already added at HACD module. but where is UE4’s classes from that?

The new V-HACD take much time (from 30sec to minutes) to create the collision for one model, i think that wouldn’t be a good idea.
I have send a request to to have the old system too for simple collisions and fast generation. https://twitter.com/Hevedy/status/582909523146514433

The libs are in: Engine/Source/ThirdParty/VHACD
For the UE4 : Engine/Engine/ find for

Sorry i can’t help you more :frowning:
*Why no use the model as collision better ? or generate a more low poly model for the collision ans use complex as simple from code.

Good point.
The reason is that my mesh is a TERRAIN not just a body mesh.
so I need high accuracy to avoid invalid situation. I considered and tried several method for it but were not satisfied results. so now trying CD and saw that article above what related about this.

BTW, you pointed code is only for editor, isn’t it? I need it at runtime.
Maybe just adding V-HACD manually is better than sulfing the engine to find them.

Did you ever figure out how to access V-HACD at runtime?

Nope. I had solved this issue to add whole sources to my game module.