When World Composition is needed?


I’m new on UE4 and I’m looking for some info about World Composition. I’ve been looking for it before coming here but I couldn’t reach a conclusion.

I want to create a landscape of 6x6km, for a single player game, with low poly vegetation and some places of interest.

I’d like to know if I can use a 6x6km landscape or if it would be a better idea to split that landscape into 1x1km or 2x2km in World Composition.

If I split it into 1x1km I get 36 tiles, and this gets a little tedious to work with.

Thanks in advance!

Let’s go up!

I would do 2km x 2km sections

Thanks! I was looking for that kind of feedback.

How many levels should be loaded at same time?

I’m trying with 8km x 8km, so I have 16 levels. I don’t know if the reason is my old GTX-660M, but using World Composition when I’ve loaded 7-8 levels, my PC gets freezed. I’ve tried three times with no result. I guess that there’s a maximum recommended loaded levels.

Thanks in advance!