When will we see an official maintained VR template?

Just wondering now that we’re getting close to release if this is in the works. With all the talk of VR being the future and epic giving it lots of support i’ve yet to see much apart from the odd engine update. Ideally we’d have something that is compatible with all big headsets and their motion controls.

It’s good to see there’s a VR editor mode coming at some point but any word on whether 4.11 will at least get a basic VR template with vive motion control support?

Release is just over a month away now so it would be a good time to get something basic out.

I have no doubt Epic will release Rift and Vive templates once headsets are out in the wild.

However, being interested in mobile VR mostly, I am concerned about total lack of focus on Gear VR. I even posted request for such template project at Marketplace section of the forum. It doesn’t looks like people generally care for Gear VR :frowning:

Gear VR

Yah I care and have been beating head against wall to figure this out… looking at Unity for an idea of how to implement alot of things into UE, they have some cool VR templates for Gear VR.

As is I have a nice list of do’s and don’t can’s and can not’s for Gear VR using pre-Vulkan setup.

Been meaning to post and will soon about what Ive learned so far, but right now isnt the time, just responding to your post.

Also I think there should be a good line drawn between each VR setup within forums. Gear DK2 OSVR VIVE etc… cause what works for one etc…

Although if I get a real setup soon, GEAR VR will take back seat for a while…

Setting up VR is super simple. Should there be templates? Maybe? But it’s so easy now I don’t know if it’s necessary.
1: make player pawn,
2: make player controller
3: add motion controllers
4: make the player pawn / controller default in game mode
5: disable amb occ.

It might make sense to have it for different platforms like cardboard / gear, but real VR stuff is super simple.

One thing I’d like to see in a template - a VR head-look cursor that interacts with UMG 3D Widgets like a mouse pointer.

Sure but i think a more fleshed out useful template for new users and quick vr projects would really help the community get started with vr. It could include some decent interaction and tool examples for motion controls with proper player and chaperone setup. A basic gun, physics grab, interact use/look, teleporter etc.