When using UE4 editor: ERR-017

(Cross post from OVR forums for visibility reasons)

I seem to be having some issues with UE4, as this problem only happens when using the editor (and previews), it happens often enough to where it is extremely annoying though.

When I am in the editor, I get a message from the device manager / action center stating that the headset has been disconnected, and then it reconnects. There is nothing in the Rift logs nor is there anything in the UE4 logs (since it did not crash).

However, in the event logs, it shows 9 errors, of 2 different types (the headset disconnected and reconnected one cycle). All of the errors are:

Error: {ERR-017} [HMD] WARNING: LED state change unverified!
Error: [From Service] Date/Time stamp: {ERR-017} [HMD] WARNING: LED state change unverified!

Now, a part of me thinks that the reason this is happening is due to Windows 10 not being supported by either the Oculus service (although the demo scene works flawlessly), and that UE4 is also not officially supported… so is this a system bug… or has anyone else been running into this?

Hi SaviorNT,

If you believe this is a bug in the engine, please post this to the answerhub in the bug reports section (link in signature) so we can assist you more in depth.

Posted. Ty.