When trying to build any Android in UE 4.24, it directs to "Unreal Engine 4 Documentation" website.

When selecting “File” → “Package Project” → “Android” → Choose any item (i.e. Android ASTC), it directs to “Unreal Engine 4 Documentation” website.

Here is the link to watch the problem: Unreal Engine 4 Documentation | Unreal Engine Documentation

Do you guys know what is the issue here and how to solve it ?

It’s probably supposed to link to a page that tells you how to install the Android SDK which would be required for you to build for Android.

That is not right because the normal process is after choosing any item (i.e. Android ASTC), it directs you to choose the location (in your computer) to save your apk file. I have done this before and it was working fine but when I reinstalled (and updated) the UE 4.24 then I start getting this issue.

Sounds like an “unexpected behavior” (aka a bug) to me. Please report it here:


Thank you **Stephen Ellis. **Will be reported soon.

If it helps the bug report, I’ve seen this issue on ‘Win10’ installs, but never Win7.
(Same identical binary install of the engine was being used - 4.18 in this case)…