When to use RVT adaptive page table


Just wondering what would be an appropriate “very large virtual resolutions” to enable adaptive page table option on a virtual texture. Is there a rule of thumb on this? Is 1MiTexels considered “very large”? Or it is a -test it yourself and see what the best option would be- kind of thing?

Would appreciate any feedback, thanks.

Hello Flutebox.
We reached a 512Texel which corresponds to these settings for the RVT (12/2/2) and needed to enable it to avoid weird flickering of the RVT in some instances. This flickering was going away when reducing the padding border to 0, but making seams noticable in some situations, hence we decided to use this. In the STAT VIRTUALTEXTURING, we noticed an increase of about 0.2 Ms in the Virtual Texture System Update, which is not that much considering it fixed our flickering issue.

Hope this helped!