When to start using Unreal

I’m designing a video game which is being modeled in blender but then exported to Unreal. Modeling wise everything is done, but I wonder about the next steps like animation. (Some people say Unreal can’t be used for animation.)I’m not even sure if objects can be reshaped in Unreal.(Noob, but I do plan to make heavy use of tutorials). I know its best to UV unwrap in blender but use the Unreal editor to add materials. I suppose the main question is, at what point do I stop using Blender and turn it over to Unreal?

Create animations inside blender .

Mainly, blender is for creating your 3d assets and animations. In my opinion, you start using unreal to put everything together - adding the game logic and importing assets which you have created for your game. The creative process is rarely linear though, so you’d normally find yourself jumping back and forth between creating assets and adding them into your game.

What about particle systems? Could that be imported as well or should it be made in unreal?

For animations

Might want to start with Unreal soon. What if you discover something in how you’ve done your art isn’t working out, and you need to revisit a lot of assets? And there is quite a learning curve to UE4, so best get started with some basic stuff, in parallel at least

When working on a game, it’s good to get things set up in the game even if they’re not finished. It’s why levels are often designed using simple block meshes before any of the actual graphics are put in. You can do a lot before doing the high-quality assets so that you don’t waste time working on something that you might end up changing later.