When the controller is unplugged during gameplay, the game does not automatically pause

Uploaded Build on Steam and required this feature to be implemented to publish game on steam.
Using SteamVr input to bind Oculus touch controller input binding to support input on steam and now need to get these controller tracking status .
Did use a blueprint function " GetValidTrackedDeviceIDs" but it did not updated when controllers unplugged or not tracked.
And in c++ , browse this
(virtual ETrackingStatus GetControllerTrackingStatus(const int32 ControllerIndex, const FName MotionSource) const = 0;) but does not know how to implement this
how to get controller tracking status?

When using ‘IsMotionControllerTracking’ blueprint function it always return true once Oculus touch controllers connected, it does not turn false when disonnected.

So, Oculus touch controllers tracking status not get updated when controllers are turned OFF and ON while playing.

I simply create a new VR project and try this blueprint function ‘IsMotionControllerTracking’ by passing the source name ‘Left’ or ‘Right’ it gives me the updated status when ever controllers are ON and OFF because of OculusVR plugin that is enabled by default.

And In my project, I disabled OculusVR plugin for Steam Overlay that is showing in oculus on pressing Left oculus touch controller ‘Menu Button’.

When I enabled this plugin the issue of controller tracking resolved because now the default VR platform running on Oculus,it give the updated status of controller and its HMD but now the Steam Overlay disabled in VR mode but it is showing in PC mode by pressing Shift+Tab .
I need both Steam Overlay and Controller status.

Don’t know how to resolve both issues with single plugin or should I need to enable both(SteamVR + OculusVR) ?