When importing FBX the Materials are look-through

When I import my character from Mixamo (.fbx) the textures load, but seem to be in the wrong render-order (see screenshot). Does anyone know what I have to set up differently to make this work?

The FBX-File: https://transfer.sh/mZOII/soldier.fbx (31.4MB)

This is the result in UE 4.20.1, these are my importer settings and this is what it should look like.

I have the same issue and have found no solution

Okay, I’ve got it:

  1. Edit the Material
  2. Connect the Opactiy-Map to “Opacity Mask” instead of “Opacity”
  3. Click on the Material Node and set “Blend Mode” to “Masked”

Sorry, I kind of forgot about this post. I’ve found the solution a while ago.
I’ve posted it below, hope it works for you :slight_smile: