When Im creating a level, there is no map in it

Im creating new map, then Im pressing it twice and opening level window. Pressing add existing and choosing other map. And then, when im pressing on that “new lvl” there is no map in it. After im trying to make a level streaming, but i cant. When im pressing “play” after that, character sometimes falling down, and some times there is a black screen and i cant even see something.
Need help with that.


Try this first:

In the main editor window:

Window → Load layout → Default editor layout

That doesnt help

I fixed something, I moved a camera (in a full darkness) a little bit, and now when im pressing “play”, i can see my character, but i still cant see a map, when i trying to change something. And if ill move camera again (in darkness) my character will probably fall because I can’t see where the camera is. Now I need to somehow display the map, and in general what is happening around, on the screen and fix the spawn location of the character, although the spawn location has already been fixed (it is standard, because the map is standard), why does the character spawn where the camera flies and why Everything is black and I can’t figure it out. And no matter what level is active: thirdperson or persistent.
The only difference between the pictures is that I clicked play on one of them.

The persistent level dominates the player spawn, unless you’ve tweaked the third person map.

So, when you press play, there’s no player, and I’m thinking you get the default pawn, inside the wall at 0,0,0.

The solution is to change the game mode override ( in world settings ) to third person game mode ( in the persistent level ).

I kind of changed, but everything remains the same (screenshot). The map is not displayed, the character spawns right where the camera is, I can’t choose the “standard spawn location” (screenshot).
But when I emulate a full-fledged “launch” of the game, the character spawns behind the wall and falls into oblivion.

Can you post a video showing what is actually happening.
Try playing multiple times

yes of course, here is the video
as you can see, when i move the camera, the character spawns where it left off, the map is not visible (when i move the map)

At the same time, here is supposedly a spawn point on the map that I cannot select (screenshot above)

Probably the level is streaming in runtime. If by chance level streaming is delayed for a bit the character will fall down.

  • I suggest delete the ThirdPersonInstance and again drag the ThirdPersonMap into your map.
  • Remove Player Start From the third Person map.
  • Manually place The player start in your map.
  • go to world partition and load the selected region to see the instance in editor (Only if the dragged ThirdPersonMap Instance) doesn’t show up in the editor
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Thank you, really! It works now!

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