When I use AA rendering as UE4, Particle has an error

Hi, Im Korean User. When I use AA rendering as UE4, Particle has an error.

Does anybody know about this?

I’m rendering from the movie render queue. (4.25) and I’m using Anti Aliasing Method. (FXAA)

When you apply a particle to a scene and render it, it stops. This particle is originally a permanent particle.

0713 YES antialicing - YouTube (This is AA render)

When used without AA, the particles are rendered appropriately. But our company has to use AA.

0713 not antialicing - YouTube (This is No AA render)

I’m sad that there doesn’t seem to be a space where I can upload videos here.

When using cascaded particles in UE5, the FX switching track FX in the level sequence cannot be correctly rendered. When the antialiasing is less than 4, the rendering is correct. Finally, it is found that the motion blur must be 0.5 and the project setting must enable dynamic blur, so that the cascaded particles can be correct. render

Hi,bro,did you solve this promblem yet??
i’m set the render setting same as you, it’s also did not work…
could you help me ,please??

You can try turning on AA in the material

yes,i change the material,but it works only when the “temporal sample count” only less than 4. bigger than 4, it’s also not works. :tired_face: