When I move backward my camera glitches out

my camera moves back and then begins rotating around a point on input instead of rotating with the mesh like its supposed to, whenever I move backwards. my camera has been an issue this whole development project, and probably the worst one. I cant tell if its the spring arm, if its the camera, or if its my code (which I really don’t think it is because on S key its just add movement input). any ideas? and yes I checked this out Camera is going crazy when character is moving backwards and it didn’t help me at all. tried both methods suggested.

I think you need to post your character and camera movement code, otherwise people are just guessing…

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Enable use control rotation for yaw and pitch

I had it on already

ignore how its scrunched up, yet to organize my code better.

that is my spring arm settings.

UPDATE: I figured it out. the remanants of my toying around with camera vinterp location because aiming refused to work. I really have to clean out some of the test events I have.

I do have an issue though, when I go backwards my mesh goes slightly to the left. any ideas why?