When I import trees from speedtree leaves are in rectangle shape ! Why???

Pls help ! I imported a birch tree but the leaves were in rectangular shape. It doesnt look good and sometimes texture applied to the tree turns blacks …why ???

please provide a screenshot

Hello Therock01,

If you would please post a screenshot of this and a copy of your DxDiag. I will then continue to investigate this issue at that time.

I have imported trees from blender with TEXTURES …

It looks as if your textures are either not being assigned or not being assigned to right LOD. If you double click on your tree in your content browser this will bring up a window that displays all of the trees properties. On the right side of this window there is a details panel. The first section is for LOD’s. If you clear all of these out and systematically go and replace them with the material that goes with that part of the mesh this should fix the issue.

If not if you would link a .fbx of the tree and the textures you used for it. It should have come in with materials if you have this selected when importing. However, through this troubleshoot it should narrow down how this is happening.

Can you pls pls show me because I cant completely understand what you are saying . Thank you ! Ue is great , so much replies in few hours ! :slight_smile:

I had the very same problem, but with fbx from 3ds max, i ended up with editing materials from fbx and assigning correct textures by hand.
(This was with Unity, however it could be just fbx export problem)

I cant even apply texture as they are mostly changing to black color !!!

Make Sure your models are uv unwrapped.
The issue can be caused be either:

  • your Materials are imported, but not the textures.
  • your UVs are messed up

Judging from your screenshots, it looks like the first is the case.
Create a new Material, manually import your texture and apply that to your material.
Then drag and drop your created material onto your model.

You can try StreakyCat’s troubleshoots and if you get lost please post again with further questions. If this does not resolve your issue if you would post a link to dropbox with your .fbx and you textures. I will then attempt to resolve this issue.

I didn’t UV wrapped it , but do I have to do it ? I just made my tree , applied textures , rendered and imported . UV wrap too ?

I downloaded model from T3FDM and made mine too ! Applied textures

Can anyone of you check whether you are getting rectangular leaves or not ?

If you would please link me the .fbx and the texture you are using that is causing the issue with your textures I will investigate this further. I think the issue you are having is you have not unwrapped your trees and then when importing the textures they are returning the values for an unwrapped mesh.

you always have to uv unwrap you model.

I would recommend you take a step back and watch some tutorials for 3d modelling before taking the step into unreal engine. It feels like there is a great lack of knowledge on your side that can be better filled with video tutorials than explaining it in here.

Youtube: Introduction to UV unwrapping

Good tutorials can be found plenty on youtube: