when i begin my matenee sequence my foliage vanishes, help ?

hey, i’m having trouble with the matenee, open level streaming, & disappearing actors.
ill summarize & explain as best as i can –

relevant info -------------------
I have 3 open streaming levels that i created

  • PERSISTENT - to house my level terrain geometry & my character & my matinee actor + camera
  • FOLIAGE - to house my foliage instances only
  • SKY_FOG - light source, exponential height fog, Skylight, & ultra dynamic sky

everything renders fine albeit low performance after the matinee has completed its sequence,
the issue begins when i am in the matinee sequence after the 2 second mark when my camera dollys forward the foliage will just disappear.

hope fully this is all relavent dI have a link provided for the video of the occurrence + screen shots listed.

link to video - disappearing foliage in matenee sequence unreal engine 4 issue - YouTube

second picture to illustrate the before disappearing foliage

months in no answer, i cant remember how i solved the issue but i did