When I add assets to VR template, the blue boxes on the table start attached

  1. Why is this happening? It has happened with over 12 new projects as I build upon the template. Is there a way to check why the behavior of these boxes are in error?


  1. Is there a way to import a map/scene in the vr template? I’ve been migrating assets and exporting as .FBX file but when I import the fbx, it is one large mesh that only can be edited within it’s editor. I’ve looked in the import and export settings of the fbx files for something to import each item in the map/scene as an individual component. Where is this option in 4.14.1

Thanks in advance. I’ve been a lurker here but am starting to make time for Vr development. i’d love to contribute to the community in any way possible!

  1. It looks like the cubes are trying to move out of the way of a collider. Could it be that your big imported mesh got a simple collision volume that overlaps them?

  2. From where are the meshes you want in the template coming? A 3D program? Another UE project?