When game is opened in web browser everything is black but in editor everything is lit correctly

I have tried just about every solution i could find on google but nothing has worked.Every mesh is completely black when i open it on my web browser but everything is lit the way i want in the editor.I also have cast shadows switched off on all meshes and on the directional light which is the only light in my scene

If the textures are missing, perhaps this might be an issue that the textures have tiling enabled, but their size is not a power of 2, (i.e. width&height=2^n).

Another issue might be that the meshes are using a material that is not supported on mobile quality level. Try previewing the mobile quality level in the editor. How does that look there?

Also, does the web browser console show any WebGL related errors? That might give a clue.

Thank you That tiling to the power of two has almost solved my problem the only thing that’s left is M_Metal_Gold which comes with unreal Ive tried altering its tiling but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.With default values its unlit and with my own tiling values its still unlit.

I would also look into adding a ‘Feature Level Switch’ node to the material so it functions correctly on the respective platform it is deployed.