When do you need to build?

As a newbie to the Unreal Engine and reading a lot of the Build function, it’s still unclear for me when you need to build and why?

a) when ever any changes in the scene have been made, like geometry, shaders and lights?

Thanks for any little help and input,
appreciate it!
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Well Unreal will tell you if you don’t turn off error messages! :wink:
But basically whenever you place/change a static/stationary mesh or light in/to the scene you’ll have to rebuild your scene!

Hmm… but is the Building the Baking? I am confused, because I have in my PostProcess Volume and the Project Settings Raytracing turned on.
I raytrace GI, Reflections, Shadows and Translucency.

When I do so… isn’t that happening in realtime automatically?
Why would I need to click build?

Thanks for helping a bloody rookie understanding this process!
Appreciate it!

Sorry I can’t help you with raytracing…

@BernhardRieder So every light which is Static or Stationary has to be built. Every Light put to Movable is 100% dynamic.
Regarding Raytracing: I am not to sure how seamlessly its integrated yet, but if you havent enabled all features like GI then the GI has to be baked just the shadows will be raytraced i guess.

Hmmm… I activate all!

I fully Raytrace GI, Reflections, AO and Translucency!

When using Raytracing - why do I still need to bake anything?

And isn’t lightmass also obsolete when using Raytracing?

You can disable light baking for everything in the Project settings. I think it was “No Precompute Lighting”.