When Aligning Lidar to drone imagery, the 2 will not merge and the lidar moves from original coordinates

I’m not sure if this is a bug in RC 1.4.1, but the Lidar will not stay locked to its original position when merging components, even when setting all of the lock setting on the lidar images.

The second issue is that the lidar and the drone images will not merge as one component.

Its unclear to me what the appropriate setting I should be using are, or if there is a bug.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Any insight would be appreciated.

Hi Travis,
what are your import laser scan settings?
When you are using Lidar, don’t export lidar component. Just import the images’ component to lidar project, use the control points and align again.
When lidar won’t stay locked, are the prior and registration pose’s coordinates different? Which settings do you have locked?