wheelbarrow, the wheels spinning?

i have a wheelbarrow in the vr Template. Everything looks fine, but offcourse the wheel is not actually spinning. Is there an easy way to let wheel just follow the surface because its in the VR template. Or should i do make this wheelbarrow in a animationBP where i let the wheel spin once moved, in a specific rotation speed?
(same with doors actually, i do everything with matinees right now, but i can imaging that it can be different just grabbing the doorknob and that the door opens the way i move the doorknob)

Depending on how it needs to look, you could actually do this by using a Rotator in the wheel Material to just rotate the wheel Texture which will be super cheap to do. To learn more about this check out the following video.

thanks for the reply, and i certainly would have done that when it wasn’t vr. In vr you see everything because its very big :slight_smile: I will try it to make the wheelbarrow as a skeleton, and then the wheels as animation. But i thought it would be possible too to make the wheel spin as it rotates on a axle. I tried that with a door to make a pivotpoint, and then the door kan be openend just grabbing the doorknob. But it didnt work out, so i think it must be done in another way, or its too complicated for me :slight_smile:

@wontonanimalchin I didn’t try it directly, but if you enable physics on the wheel, setup the right constraints for rotation and give the wheel an own physical material with some frictions, I believe you should be able to get the wheel to rotate as you push the wheelbarrow around. This tutorial does something similar in the initial setup of the trailer, you may want to check it out:

This must be the way, thanks man. I will try this, really good info:):slight_smile: Its not easy, but it can be done,… even by me i think haha. I will let you know if it worked out!