Whaty are the Limits of Blueprints Scripting?

Now, I’m a huge noob here I’m a full-stack web dev and I have been doing that for 2 years but now I’m looking to start playing around with UE 4 and I find the Blueprints Scripting a bit puzzling. So, my question is, can you literally program anything with Blueprints or do I need to start learning C++. Also, how does it work can you see the C++ representation of the blueprints? I’m trying to figure out how does it works together C++ & Blueprints Scripting?

Both have there pros and cons. C++ is in some Things better, because you can write some Things in only 3 or 4 lines. With blueprints you have often two or three Screens of the same Code.
But on the other side blueprints are realy good. You can make a quick script press compile and it works and you see the result. You can later make the blueprint to a c++ class as well.
In c++ you can write your own functions and expand them to blueprints and so on. I think the best you can do is to work with both.

Blueprints have no Limits: as Long as the functions are expanded to Blueprints.

Here is a good document: