What's your workflow for creating seamless textures/materials?

How do you find the images you use for seamless textures? Currently I’ve mainly been searching google images, filtered by free for use, but it’s not ideal.

Are there any programs I could use to make my own? Or plugins for photoshop etc? The main thing I’d like is something to roughen up / grunge / scratch / dirt a texture. That way, I could create a simple texture (either drawn or in some 3d software), then make it look “real” by adding the dirt effects. I haven’t found any way to do this with photoshop other than brushes which end up getting repetitive if you’re using a limited bunch of free brushes.

Or, any sites for royalty free seamless textures?

Failing that, any sites or programs that will figure out how to loop a texture to make it seamless? Similar to how Photoshops content aware fill works except applied to creating seamless patterns.

Thanks for any help

I usually make the tiling myself in Photoshop.
Its a bit of clever painting, but not that complicated.

  1. Make/find a nice square non-tiling texture image to begin with
  2. Cut in in half, vertically
  3. Swap the cut halves (left becomes right and vice versa)
  4. Cut the result in half, horizontally
  5. Swap again (Top becomes bottom and vice versa)

Now you have a texture that is guaranteed to tile along the edges (thats where you had cut it).
Just in the middle, you have a “cross” of non tiling content. Now use various photoshop tools (healing brush, smear, blur, etc), to obscure those edges.
Just dont paint up to the edges…

For pure plasma effects, noise masks, etc, I have written my own little tool that can also create them animated as flipbooks…
It all depends what you need the textures for… :slight_smile:

Interesting, I came across this tool which seems to be doing those steps you mentioned:

I think the main thing I need though is a way to roughen up textures. Most of the materials I’ll make by hand will be clean metal / tiles / non-organic, so I was hoping for a tool that would dynamically dirt / scratch them with some parameters rather than using textures. Do you have any method of doing this?

I haven’t used it too much for tiling stuff, but 3d-coat has options for painting PBR materials onto a 3x3 grid. It’s got layers, brushes, settings for the brushes, pen pressure for opacity/roughness/size, lazy brush, vector paths for brushes and a lot of other useful stuff. The only thing that annoys me is that it tends to crash or be slow when dealing with 4k textures or higher.

That’s what it looks like, it also has an option for a 2x2 grid I think.