What's wrong with my realistic ocean simulation?

First of all, hello everyone! I am quite new to UE4 and its’ visual node based materials. I have been using Unity for the last 3+ years. So I am somewhat acquainted with game development itself.
Now, I have been trying to do ocean simulation with gerstner waves and like most I followed handkor’s tutorial. But unlike most I can’t seem to figure out what is wrong. I think I have done everything as per he instructed. But most certainly that is not the case as mine doesn’t work. The preview is totally black. And if I apply my material to anything it becomes completely transparent.
I am really at lost now. Have been battling with this problem the last two days. Please help someone !
Here is my gertsner wave material function:

Here is the Cluster function:

Closeup of it for clarification:

And the material:

A bit too small to read but make sure the default direction is not 0,0 as I don’t see the direction node hooked up.

From the WIP thread I had posted a blueprint only version of my videos


In there you will find the full implementation of the material.

Thanks for that! As it turns out, you were spot on. I was providing a default value of (0,0,0) to the direction. Changing it solved the whole mess :slight_smile: