Whats wrong with my hardware?

Hello All,

I have found on UE4’s suggested recommend hardware, but My computer exceeds this and I can barely even load a scene. UE4 crashes frequently and if I am loading an Epic Games scene to test like the Zen Garden scene. It will be stuck at 45% for hours before I finally decide to close the program and give up. I really want to transition over to UE4 in my daily workflow, but if I can’t even open the program, that definitely would not be possible. Is this an optimization issue, are there settings I need to enable/ disable. Thanks in advance for any guidance! My specs are:

Intel i7 7700k (Quad Core @ 4.5-4.9 GHz - not overclocked)
32GB of DDR4 RAM @ 2400MHz
NVIDA GeForce 1080
Windows 10 64-bit

I wasn’t being dramatic when I said Hours. I dont actually know because after a while I just right click and close window. The longest I let it try to open has been 6 hours where I went out for the afternoon and when I came home it didn’t budge.

How long is it actually stuck at 45%?

If it’s stuck at 45% but the CPU is at 100% you’re compiling shaders. Zen Garden shouldn’t take hours. If you’re at 0% CPU something is wrong. Can you open smaller scenes? Your hardware spec is fine.

I can start new blank scenes easily. But if I open any scene with any substantial amount of Geometry in it (I don’t mean that as a “large amount” but as in “not just a handful”, enough to make a full scene) I get stuck loading. I just tried to open a different scene and watched my resource monitor and I am only using about 35% CPU usage; UE4 is using about 15%.

The first scene I opened was the Zen Garden again which got stuck at around 45%.

The second scene that I tried to open got stuck at 39%. Similar CPU usage as zen garden

Oh, that’s too long. 10 minutes maybe. You have a problem there, but it’s not your hardware.

It’s it default install on windows or mac? Or did you compile it?

I don’t understand what you mean? I am running windows, I believe I installed for windows, but I don’t know what you mean by compiling.

I think you have no enough free space in drive c for shader data. you need something around 100GB free for saving shader data .if you have enough try defragment drive c.

I have 328GB free on my C: drive… I also have an NVMe drive as my C: so defragmenting really isn’t necessary or recommended cause it will shorten the life of the drive. Any other potential causes? I am looking for anybody to throw out ideas. One is bound to stick

At this point with nothing to go on you need to provide crash and run time logs. I would also be building the engine from source using the debugger to see where it’s stuck at 45%. Lets start with logs including dxdiag.

No, it’s ok. Vanilla install then. As Bino say below, time to upload your logs.

How do I get the logs if it isn’t actually crashing, and if I cant get UE4 to launch? Sorry for not knowing much, this is out of my wheelhouse. I really appreciate the help though.

No worries. There are various logs we can try. Although it’s not crashing you will capture some kind of runtime log. I’m seeing a lot of these reports come in through this channel… starting to think there’s an issue.
Have a gander and we’ll go from there - https://www.ue4community.wiki/Legacy/Locating_Project_Logs

I have attached the logs for both the Zen Garden and the ArchViz Interior Scenes by Epic. Just out of curiosity I remoted into my work PC and tried to load these scenes. It is well under specced compared to my personal PC and it had no issues with either of these scenes, so something is definitelylink text wrong. haha

I hate bumping, but does anyone have any ideas on why I can’t load a project based on the logs? I literally cannot do anything with unreal until either A) Pandemic is over and I can use my work PC or B) I get whatever is messing with my home PC fixed.

I had a similar issue with version 4.23, and the pc I use is way less in specs at 6 GB RAM, 2.4 GHz Quad Core, Intel U5500 integrated graphics, yet also a ton of free space on the drive. When launching a larger-content template level, or re-launching with a small template level, it would be stuck at 45%, or 90-some% for a long time. I tried stopping some processes in the task list, and removed around 100 GB of files, and it worked more consistently after that. But it happened again a few launches. Now it doesn’t do it at all with version 4.24.2.

I’d suggest stopping unnecessary tasks, even ones that don’t use much CPU, memory, or virtual paging memory. Before launching after stopping tasks, restart the computer and wait for it to completely start. Don’t open any other programs prior to Unreal unless required. If it doesn’t work, try a clean install.