What's this?

Does anybody know how to fix this issue?


Are you using Raytracing? I had loaded that scene in a Non-RTX-Scene, and there, all the parts looked fine. Crashed in an RTX enabled scene, so i could not test that part ^.^

The parts, you are seeing through, are the Decals. Check the Folder Materials -> Master_Materials, or for the instances Materials -> Material_Instances -> Decals.

Edit: Got it working with RTX, just had to load some meshes into a completely new level, instead the real level. However, there all meshes looked fine, no seeing through parts o.O Even the decals got reflected with RTX :eek: (but thats no guarantee, that RTX and transparent mats are working well overall)

probably try to actually play in editor and see if the issue persists.
its not uncommon for the editor to display additional things, like reflection captures.