What's the proper way to achieve a zoom in/out effect with orthographic camera?

I’m sure this is a stupid question.

Is changing the “Ortho Width” of an orthographic camera the proper way to achieve a zoom in/out effect (at least for starters)?

I couldn’t find any info about the specifics of mucking with orthographic cams in UE4 blueprints, so I thought I’d ask here. Sorry if this has already been covered.

I’m using the Side Scroller template.

I hooked up the mouse wheel to control the length of the spring arm to which the camera is attached. It works good, thanks to Zeetu and BlaDrzz (How to: Simple Camera Zoom w/ Mouse Wheel - Blueprint - Unreal Engine Forums)

I then set the camera’s Projection Mode to “orthographic” and the aforementioned setup/zoom functionality stopped working - which is as expected; actually at first I was like wtf? why isn’t it working?!..then I remembered I had the cam set to ortho.

Anyway, with the camera Projection Mode set to orthographic, changing the “Ortho Width” on the camera virtually produces the same kind of effect as adjusting the camera distance from the player does in persp. mode.

I was wondering if that’s the correct way to do it.

Thanks in advance for info regarding this.

As it stands, it appears setting the “Ortho Width” of the camera is the only way to achieve a zoom in/out with the orthographic camera.