What's the future for small VR experiences?

With the release of Oculus runtime 1.3 and all the new store-like clients (Oculus Home, Steam VR), I’m wondering what the future is for short-form realtime rendered VR projects.

For awhile now, I’ve been a firm believer in bite-size VR. Full length VR games+ are great for fun, but I think VR really shines in short bursts of impactful experiences. As a VR developer/user, do you feel similarly? What stuff do you like to make/experience?

As the consumer wave of VR starts to come in, I see a trend towards ‘stores’ and long-form content you have to pay for. What about short experiences? VR experiments, short narratives, quick demos: I don’t think it makes sense for these projects to live on a store like Oculus Home (even Oculus Concepts), but I haven’t heard anyone talking about it either.

What are your thoughts?

I think there’s great potential in short VR experiences/films and I’m planning to start some of such projects.

However, I do foresee the difficulty of an unknown indie trying to distribute these for free, much less sell them. Lack of platform…

I’m sure each individual hardware has a good distribution platform. For instance the Oculus GearVR app is great I use it all the time, lots of small-fries indie content on there. And that is what you want, you need that, because people with the GearVR and using their phone are popping it in for a smaller shorter experience. Steam only lets bigwig stuff on there so it will be less useful for bite size experiences. It isn’t that bad for the requirement to separately package and upload for each hardware platform that you support. As long as there exists at least one distribution platform per hardware platform then we are ok.

Update: Self-reflecting on what I just wrote, for smaller shorter experiences I would say target GearVR first. It is perfectly crafted for smaller shorter experiences and it is easy to get into the Oculus GearVR app [store] (it doesn’t take a community vote). We cross our fingers for getting motion controllers to ship with a future version of the GearVR hardware.

@Klexian, I agree. Distributing small one-off projects should be easier than it is now. But that would only make sense if that type of content continues to be created.
@CodeJingle, Good point with GearVR being ideal for short experiences. I don’t think getting onto the oculus GearVR store is that easy though. I feel like VR experiences should be as easy to share as YouTube videos. Creators shouldn’t have to jump through all the hoops of submitting something to an app store. Of course, this would be harder to achieve on Gear than CV1 or Vive.