Whats the correct way to use OnHearNoise?

Hi All

In my AI controller class constructor I have;

SensingComp = PCIP.CreateDefaultSubobject<UPawnSensingComponent>(this, TEXT("SensingComp"));

SensingComp->bHearNoises = true;

SensingComp->OnHearNoise.AddDynamic(this, &ARRAIController::LookToNoise);

LookToNoise is never called. Is this the correct way to use OnHearNoise and bind a delegate to it?


EDIT: Having switched to debug editor rather than debuggame, and put breakpoints on OnHearNoise.Broadcast, it looks like it’s not being triggered at all. I’d already put sound notifys on the footfall’s of the player character, to try and activate the broadcast…

This is the ticket;