What's the best way to make a wax texture?

Hello there. I am working on a project and I need a material for a candle mesh. I am new to the creation of materials and know there may be sub-surface scattering involved. I was wondering if anyone could inform me on how to create an effect where an object appears opaque but lets a little bit of light shine through (like a lit candle). Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

For a wax like material, take a look at the Material examples in the Content Examples. You can get the Content Examples through the Learn section of the launcher.

Alright. I’ll check that out.

Definitely go with subsurface shading (as opposed to subsurface profile shading):

Okay. I tried the subsurface shading and it looks good in normal lighting but when I put it in the dark it glows a lot. Is there any way to lower this effect?

Tweak the opacity. For a sss material the opacity is used to define the depth light is allowed to travel through the material. A candle is quite small so you probably want to lower this to get the effect you want.