What's the best way to have audio follow an actor/NPC?

I’m currently working on a map where I want specific audio to follow the NPC. I’ve gotten it working by attaching an audio player and having it teleport each time the NPC moves but that seems very inefficient. Is there a better way to do this? Also, if I create audio player class extension do I need to drag the item onto the map or can I create it without a physical representation? e.g. Rather than having to put down an audio player for each NPC can I just create it in verse and have it follow that player? Assuming this is the best way to do it, of course!

Thanks for any help!


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I don’t have any help to offer, but I would also love some insight on how to accomplish this. It is so important to game immersion, and I can’t find any related documentation. I also had a workaround with audio player devices teleporting as needed, but it is incredibly inefficient, can’t support many spawned NPCs, and is prone to audio bugs.

Glad someone else came to the same conclusion! :slight_smile: I’m still looking.

I also starting looking into the audio registration feature per actor. Not sure if that will work or much about it but maybe that allows you to keep one or two audio devices vs. 100. Might be able to play the audio at a certain level if you’re next to the NPC actor?

Is it possible to parent the audio player to the NPC in the outliner? I know the audio player can be parented to the prop mover in the outliner.

This was actually the first thing that I tried. I was hoping it would just follow it around but it doesn’t seem to do that. The audio still plays in the initial location of the device. Unless I misunderstand how to do this, I’m willing to try it again! :slight_smile:

how do you get an NPC to move or make a trajectory or path?