What's the best VR headset and compatible?

So my first question is, does anyone know if the Windows Mixed Reality headsets will work with UE4? My PC has the requirements for those headsets but probably not a high enough graphics card for the Vive or Oculus.

Or should I just save up for the Vive and upgrade my graphics card?

WMR Headsets work fine. I have issues with the tracking, but I think it’s because I have a sterile environment (not a lot of surfaces to track).
Regardless, if you have less than an NVidia 1060, get some graphics!

Well I’m running a 1050ti, but on that it says it’s not VR ready, but running the test for WMR it says it’s good. Will I still run into issues since I’m not running a 1060 or higher?

Just raw power matters, hardware itself won’t matter too much in terms of stability & compatibility etc.

Though I would suggest if you are doing VR dev, go with at least 1080 for the SMP.