Whats the best approach to HUD in 4.7

I am working on the HUD for a project and im not sure what is the best way to go about it. I remember using a canvas from the old video tutorials but now there is slate and UMG. is their a way to use UMG functionality in c++ and not blueprints. if so could where can i find the documentation on it.

This can be easily done by extending the UUserWidget class. If you create a variable or function, and make it available to the UMG blueprint with the UPROPERTY and UFUNCTION macros, you should be able to use those values or call the functions normally.

There is also the need to include various dependencies into your project.

The whole process is summed up nicely here,

UMG is really slow, I wouldn’t use it at all and also there is an input delay if your GUI is complex.
I’d also mention that UMG crashes from time to time…