What's My Best Option..?

Hello everyone!

I’m working on a VR game and am at the model creating stage. But I’ve been thinking about playing around with the Unreal Engine to experiment and to break things up a bit.

My game is going to be a first person survival horror game with Touch controls but I’m not sure about which template I want to use. I don’t want a teleportation mechanic anywhere near my game, I’m planning on using the analog sticks on the Touch controllers for movement and turning with comfort turning as an option for those that suffer from simulation sickness.

Will I be better off:

  1. Using the First Person template because all the movement stuff is there, all I’d need to do is add the relevant Motion Control analog sticks for it.

  2. Using the VR template because the Motion Control components are already there and adding the movement stuff from the First Person template to the VR template.

I’ve tried going to the Blueprint for the VR template and deleting the teleportation stuff from it but Unreal complained that my Blueprint was BAD in big letters lol.

I’m thinking it’s probably easier to use the First Person Template and just adding the Motion Control components for the left and right hands but how do I go about getting rid of the default arms and gun for gamepad use and the default gun for Touch controls…? I’ve downloaded some free hands from Turbo Squid until I get around to doing my own so I’ll be using those.

Please ELI5 because I’m new to all this game development lark and don’t know what I’m doing lol

Many thanks in advance for any help! :smiley:

It will be easier using the VR template.

But judgeing from the problems you got, I suggest you start with something simpler than a Touch game.