What's Graphics Cards best for Unreal Engine 5?

I want to create horror, open world game (not online just open world like silent hill or fatal frame) and cinematic. My computer is a laptop. It’s just that there will not be only Unreal Engine, Blender, Vegas, Photoshop and so on. Just Which Graphics Cards Are Best Nvidia RTX 360, 370 or 380

Hey there @Royday! So when it comes to working on “Cinematic” games you’re going to want to shoot relatively high. Every bit of power cuts down on rendering time and makes your editor experience better. As moderators I can’t give you a direct recommendation, but I can link you the minimum and recommended requirements page and allow that to help you decide. However I will note, that working in Unreal on most (even gaming ready) laptops is tough. It’s always best to have a powerful desktop, especially if you’re going to be digging in for the cinematic experience. Hope this helps!


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But, what you think 3070 or 3080 better. I think RTX 3070 Better Vegas, Photoshop, UE5 and Blender.

Think about this long term. At some point your going to have to buy a desktop with an expensive graphics card but until then your going to be developing on the laptop so its worth specing for the things you will spend the most time using. I’d also add that number of CPU cores is important for unreal engine. Most laptops don’t have very many and it’s worth balancing your investment to get a strong mix of CPU and Graphics.

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The bigger the number, the better, surely.

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Just to clarify, it will not matter all that much how potent the video card is during development. Find a card with a lot of vRAM. The humble 3060 12GB is quite capable, you can actually find it in laptops and it will not melt the insides (as quickly).

You will want lots of regular RAM, fast storage and multi-core CPU - much more important than the GPU in most scenarios. Regarding CPUs:

Also, search the forum - there’s a couple of threads like this every week.


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