What's being featured in the Gifs on the top of the page of the UE4 website?

Forgive me if I’m asking this in the wrong place, but can someone tell me what games/works are being featured in the below mentioned websites? It’s driving my crazy.

That’s Paragon

All of them?

For the first link, Paragon, Robo Recall (and possibly a shot from Unreal Tournament?). All Epic stuff.
The second one is Siren (Epic), Final Fantasy, a McLaren car design, ?, ?, ?, Photogrammetry (Epic), Fortnite (Epic), Dragon Ball, and ?.

Thanks Jez, although I’m also interested in the ?. Anyone else that can find out and let me know would be greatly appreciated!

I believe it’s all from the Unreal Engine 2018 Sizzle Reel…which you can watch here, and it lists the name of every project.