What would be the best way to achieve a pulsing style highlight/outline on a controllable pawn?

So I have a spaceship that I’m flying around and blowing stuff up with. The objects I’m blowing up have an outline material that’s rendered in postprocessing. This is great. It’s exactly what I want. However, Unreal doesn’t allow having more then one render depth available without adding code, etc. I would ideally like to have it set up that way, but since I’m unable to… What would be a good way to send some feedback to the player that my spaceship has picked up energy?

I want to have some energy pickups that give the ship the ability to burst, and also some that give it the ability to have a shield. Think of it like an arcade game I guess. But what’s stumping me is a good way to do this. Having my ship outlined in post processing would’ve been perfect, but I can only render one outline material/color at once so this won’t work for me at all.

Would it be better to attach a socket to my ship and have some kind of particle emitter? Perhaps some kind of sphere mesh with a texture on it? I’d like to have some feedback for the player so they know that they have a shield/speed boost available without it being crazy over the top, but I’m having a hard time thinking of a good way to do this…

Think of a spaceship, and think of a good way to let the player know they have an ability ready to use that isn’t going to use UMG. I don’t want the UI too cluttered. I’ve already got health, fuel, and energy bars along with ammo, and a score tally.

Need ideas!

Maybe an emissive Fresnel effect with a sine wave to make it pulse. Here’s a little example I whipped up.

Is it possible to sharpen the Fresnel?

Yes…once you have an actual Normal attached you might not need to but if you do just edit the Exponent and BaseReflect numbers on the Fresnel node…you can even make them Parameters and edit them via a Material Instance during gameplay if need be…