What would be best for sprinting

I am learning how to use the scripting on ue4, as I have always used unity and HATED the C# scripting as I had little to no knowledge of it. at least I am way more Comfortable in C++ than C#. anyways, that’s a topic for another time.

the question I have is… I used an axis and an onButtonDown function and an if/else statement like this

if (Input.GetButtonDown("Sprint")){ speed = 10.0f } else { speed = 5.0f }
in C#, but in here, it seems to be a little bit different. there are action inputs and axis inputs. what would I use for say holding down the left ctrl and pressing W at the same time to sprint?

I’m new to scripting in C++ but have made simple programs in C if that makes sense

Blueprint one just to get used to the engine. but I figured it out. thanks.

Hi there. Are you using C++ project or Blueprint one?