What would be a way I could recreate this thick dust cloud?

I’m talking about the big “wall” of smoke at the start of this video

Thank you

I am finishing making this asset like this to put in Marketplace… it will not be expensive. So if you need it you will have to wait a bit, it will cost $20 bucks. I am using raymarching to acomplish this, but there are other ways to achieve:

  • particles for the dust being blown
  • volumetric fog (modeling dense and colored points to simulate dust) and using a mix of curl noise to move some random dust (it will be the most cheap regarding performance but less detail, when compared with raymarching)
  • particles for the lighting

Thanks for the reply, could you expand on the curl noise a little if you don’t mind, and I’d love to check out your marketplace asset when it’s done,

Could you expand on the volumetric fog way of doing it if possible? and I’d love to check out your assets when they’re done! Thanks

checkout Ryan Brucks blog

also the shaderbits plugin has amazing stuff in it