What workflow/tools are there to monitor framerate performance and help optimize?

I’m at the point where I need info on how ‘costly’ certain elements of my scene are to the performance, is there a way to check this within the editor?

UE4 has stat commands
Open the command line by using the ~ key, then type stat and then it’ll give you options. Like stat fps will then display the frames per second.

The stat commands work well, but the profilegpu command is even more powerful in figuring out exactly what is slow in the scene.

Note for proper performance testing you should never ever do this in the editor or in the editor-game. The editor running in the background with all of its interface elements will greatly affect performance. It will not be accurate.


That’s a great point re: not doing performance testing in the editor itself. Seems obvious but I had not thought about it. Good tip re: using the profilegpu command as well thank you so much!

‘stat unit’ to see which thread is the slowest
‘stat dumpframe -ms=.1’ to see a full timing of the CPU (both game thread and rendering thread). It even tells you the asset names for Ticking so you can track down slow blueprints.
‘stat game’, ‘stat scenerendering’ and ‘stat sceneupdate’ are also useful for CPU costs
‘profilegpu’ to see GPU timings. This is very resolution and view orientation dependent.

Like Hourences said, be sure to profile in game, not in the editor as the slate UI costs quite a bit.