What/where default spawning - first person project

what and where is going on with the default spawning - in a first person shooter project

i have a game mode that i am adding, and i need a “visual” on what i am probably going to be overlapping on here
there is a thing “failing gracefully” - but i still need the overhead view

i searched around been trying to get this project up and running for days
its really not going well. every time i have a legitimate issue, there is no material on it.
now for getting a look into how things are done, there are some good vids for that - but all of them fail “scalability”

just fyi. looking for a quick answer for this.

What the …

What exactly is the problem?

Here’s the problem:

The system uses the game mode specified in the project settings to decide what kind of player to spawn. If you want the engine to use your game mode, you need to specify it in the project settings.

When you start a level, the project game mode will control what spawns UNLESS you have a player placed in the level which has auto possess set.

Does that answer your question?


hey closest thing ive got even though this is an old question - literally like 2 days past this development point at the least

epic doesnt take complaints but i live literally 3 minutes from them i can just show up in their office

im literally more interested in getting a kit developed to introduce how to go from default hooks to a fully-functioning skeleton that is NOT in “ghost files” so to say

well hell now that im typing that up as my biggest concern, now im staring at myself in the mirror for this issue

do you think you can walk me through the whole thing so i can do the tutorial on it the right way? since epic is ********

@ClockworkOcean sorry trying to figure out how this thing works, wanted to send a message

you got a lot of karma young man - you and me can tag team the process of going from 1st or 3rd to a full skeleton ? i can probably do it in a 10 minute video once i have all the parts

i need all the dependencies removed and in plain format in a file in front of my face

full re-interpretation of the defaults honestly, if its a skeleton

there seems to be maybe 10 ways to do this - this is why i was asking so obstinantly
likely its a lot easier to just get the source files - though i understand theyre engine settings they might not be in anything but c++, and i dont mean that source i mean the source blueprints

tough to pick up this language