What types of AA work best for VR?

What types of AA work best for VR, also if somebody could link me to some good resources for learning about the different types of AA that would be awesome, thank you.
Looking to learn the difference between MSAA, FXAA, and TemporalAA

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Definitely check out MSAA with the Forward Renderer.

Plenty of infos about the differences online. Reddit - Dive into anything

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MSAA can look ugly if your environment assets have not been designed purposefully. In my case, they have not. Turning on MSAA led to a lot of specular aliasing. I reverted to TemporalAA. But MSAA for sure is recommended.

I’m testing it. Forward shading on, MSAACount any value (4,8,16) as 1 (nothing).

Has anyone been able to turn MSAA on the VIVE?

update: msaa count 16 resets to 1. On the 8 - far distance objects looks bad than TAA , but close ones good

do you know how it need to be designed?
for example I have a simple ring ExT_Ring (497 kb) закачан 30 октября 2018 г. Joxi
but on the emissive material (a few polygons in the center) it’s look ugly. I tried just cube by default from engine - same result - in VR only, at fps (monitor) mode all is ok.

No, otherwise I would have done it. Anybody who has info, it would be greatly appreciated. I know that Epic implement some shader code in Robo Recall for example that made the it go away.

However, I do not think that you have the issue what I am talking about. In fact, what is it that is not behaving the way you expect or what does differ in visuals vis-a-vis the normal displayed version?

What I am referring to, you cannot really capture it on picture. It is a sort of shining blinking specularity in movement.

emissive very twitches in VR mode (especially at the distance), desktop mode all OK with the same TAA or MSAAx8


Forward rendering is preferred when working with VR its increases performance and render times.

Not sure if this will help but I created a video explaining how to get the best performance for a VR project. If MSAA still causes issues the performance improvements in this video should allow you to use Temporal AA instead.

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