What type of shading does Unreal use on each platform?


I am trying to evaluate what type of shading Unreal uses on each platform.
By that I mean if it uses Deferred or Forward Rendering and more specifically if it does use Tiled or Clustered Shading?

The platforms I am most interested in are Mobile and Desktop and then more specifically Mobile VR and Desktop VR.

I hope someone can answer my question for the given platforms that would be great!

No idea if clustered or tiled for either, Desktop/desktop vr is forward or deferred, your choice in settings, Mobile is strictly forward due to hardware limitations.
I would highly recommend against trying to make a mobile VR game as mobile’s already immense limitations is only amplified by vr, making it only really useful for pre recorded video.
If you do somehow make a mobile VR game that runs somehow at the required 60fps AND get around the lack of controllers somehow, I will be very impressed.
A good step in that direction might be making everything baked light+fully rough on mobile minus a few areas with cubemap reflections.

Thanks for the insight. I really hope someone knows more about the specifics whether or not Unreal makes use of Tiled or Clustered Rendering on any of these platforms.
Technically speaking the Oculus Quest is also a MobileVR platform so MobileVR is definetly a valid targetplatform with a decent audience. Of course you are still limited by what is possible from a performance perspective but you can make decent looking games happen.