What type of game are you working on? and why did you choose this path?

I don’t get to hear good and productive discussions often, mostly because I have friends who prefer discussions ABOUT video games, and show no interest in the complexity of the creation process. The reason for this thread is simple: Get to know your competition/peers, and what they’re striving to achieve, beyond profit of course.

Unlike most productions, mine has become a personal agenda, with both my past friends and society. I feel there’s a lot going on, certain beliefs which benefited society have become a comical intervention, and common sense is no longer applied to everyday life, along with moral obligation being questioned. It’s going to be in the form of a Jrpg, which is also a genre that is ridiculed for it’s constantly disappointing cliches. I’m simply attempting to bring back the image of past titles such as FF6, where a story scopes several lives, all intertwined with their own agendas against a similar cause. I feel this is what’s lacking in this genre. If games like Alan Wake and The Last Of Us can create such embracing stories and productions, so should Jrpgs. I sincerely hope with all my being that I fully accomplish what I intend to do, so that it influences the tycoon game companies to produce actual quality jrpgs, rather than further drowning the cliches and reproducing games which have been successful in the past to profit.

So there you have it, a cause beyond the fame and pocket change. Would anyone like to share their own story?

Hmm I’ll Give it a go, to get you started.

I been wanted to make games a while and i have tons of ideas, but the one i working on is an MMORPG, :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is the deal i started the game in udk with some friends and was going with a solid plan and what not but team fell apart and it was just put on hold about 1 year ago, My agenda is to build the entire prototype myself with the help of 1 programmer and one consultant. I want to finish this game to revive my name, and keep the future of my company and myself in a good light (which is i finish anything i start). Right now i prefer not to mention much about my project or disclose its name, but my MMO Game is going to bring a new competitive, rich and fun environment, also will be the first Morden MMO to have an Ending in which players choose (players will have 4 possible paths on how this story climaxes and will compete with each other to choose 1 of these paths). Beside that i want to create a world where players not only enjoy and have fun i competing vs other players but also is drawn in by the story, environment and this world’s history and past event (Planning to write several E-Books for the world).

At current moment i plan to rebuild the environment we had in udk and finish all the environment for the prototype, as i have the concept arts and layouts, and since we planned it in a way we no need 1000+ asset, i should be able to accomplish this with the small asset list we had plan for UDK. As for programming stuff i have a friend helping me out and getting an idea of how i can start in ue 4 (Consulting with Rama).

I know how hard an MMO is but the prototype i had plan is going to come off as a Multiplayer shooter game as i no need 1000 people logged in at once, as long i can get he basic stuff working i can expand on the server side stuff but having 30-50 players playing my beta at once is good enough for me as its just a beta/prototype.

And beside i building my skills as a level designer and i will have maps i can make mini games on whenever I please. So its a win win for me, Have no plans on recruiting a single soul, maybe after i release my awesome level fly through or cinematic but Right now i am not up for the team management headache again.

hmm well i got started by playing with UDK but never making anything serious with it just having fun. when UE4 came around i decided to actually sit down and try to accomplish something

my little game project is nothing revolutionary or special but it is an idea i have had floating in my head for quite a few years. it’s an action-adventure game which does 3 key things that i like in games, tell a story, have diverse(ish) combat, and of course puzzles :smiley:

its a slow process as im literally learning C++ from scratch as i go along as well as blueprints but i have to say UE4 is the most fun way to learn to program, tons of examples and i get to see my code actually do something when i compile the engine instead of the normal boring hello world variants i would be making otherwise which keeps me motivated to go back for more.

and to rap it up i plant o accomplish my game in chunks, from creating the character all the way to creating some prefab puzzles i can re-use and ETC, its been a great experience so far and i can honestly say i know vastly more about C++ now then i did 3 months ago and without UE4 i honestly probably would not have stuck with it for long :slight_smile:

Sometimes there’s nothing wrong by being unproductive. Like just about everyone I know, I’m not always a happy at work. Even though I love my job, I find it hard to be exuberant all of the time. It’s all part of the work-life balance, with an emphasis on balance. These techniques for finding your bliss can be cheap, or even free.

I am programming a wargame. I need massive amounts of instanced animated character meshes running around in my open terrain. Unfortunately, I am not even sure whether UE4 can handle the hardware skinning technique that I am after.

I have posted my concerns on the forum and the AnswerHub. Let us see if they elicit any response.

Other than that UE4 looks like a dream come true for the price of $19,- per month.

Action RPG. Well I don’t really work on it right now, since I can’t really do it any longer for free. But I will sure back to it in future.

Why I started ?
Two reasons. First I wanted to have free open source sample Action RPG game, for everyone to start. You can find source on Github. If/When i put on Marketplace the source on github will still be available for everyone to look at for free.

Second, that there is no action RPG game on the market that I could enjoy. There are many games and each have bits of cool, but there is no game that would incorporate them in single product. I want to change it.

Adventure game in top down perspective.

Long time friend of mine have always talked about game design and theory. We enjoy talking about what makes a game work and what doesn’t, so a window appeared to do it and I said to him, “Hey, let’s make a game.” Then I said, “It’s going to be exceptionally difficult and chances of success are pretty low.” I don’t recall his exact response, but it was along the lines of “so is everything else in life.” So here we are.

My motivation comes from a passion for games and a desire to make it a day job…plus, I really want to move somewhere and build a dev studio…in a treehouse.

To keep it really short, been working my *** on and off for the last four years on a game called StoneRage. We had significant progress in the CryEngine, but we came to the point where we couldn’t continue with such a poor engine, that’s why I’ve had to decide to switch engines, and the decision went to the amazing UE4. One of the best decisions for this project, and I’m really looking forward to push this game to the limits. That’s all I can say. I won’t stop, until I die, and this must get finished, there’s no excuse, there’s no way back. StoneRage under UE4.

Cheerz, guys!

Reok - I did notice stonerage a while back and I was quite impressed with it. I really hope you continue to show this community that it can be done, because that scenery, although tight and filled with nature, is one of the highlights of this community in my personal opinion. Best of luck to you.

Timconwell - I really hope you’re not serious about making video games your day job. It’s a very painful industry, which requires an iron will and perseverance, but I do hope you get your wish and build that dev studio in a treehouse.

iniside - The tales series have certainly made their mark. I personally enjoyed Tales of Eternia the most, but I understand there hasn’t been enough of a choice. Goodluck to you, and thank you for your contribution.

Federic - You mean an RTS? or an open world FPS? I’m not sure what to make of it. I will agree with your statement about the engine being only $19, I was hoping this would eventually happen, and it did. Couldn’t be happier.

CNKIT - It’s nice to see the engine effecting your motivation for programming. Starting from scratch is very difficult, as the basic results aren’t that impressive. I’m glad you continued your venture.

wizzkidsan - When I noticed the MMO, I frowned because of the difficulty of such a project, but it seems you understand your position and I’m happy to hear that. There may be good news on the horizon, as someone has mentioned of creating a networking solution for the engine. You should look into that, perhaps it might be just what you’re looking for.

Thank you all for the productive response.

Thanks, your not the only one to frown upon me, even Rama had his comment to make, but i am focus more on learning how to make environment. But yea i showed that post to the programmer who was helping me and he said he had in mind to make his own plugin doing just about the same things. But ah i am still looking forward to seeing that plugin thou. Anyway i am looking forward to start sharing my work here soon. Right now still trying to master the terrain tool in UE 4, then i starting my beach scene.

Thanks, and yes, I am indeed serious. Thing is, I’ve already been through both career and personal hell, and from several decades of climbing the company ladder, getting quite high up there, one picks up a few things. Pain will find you, no matter the profession, and I no longer intend to take orders nor waste my time on something which is not interesting. So the cutthroat game dev industry scares me little, but my goal is not to break into the industry and gain a position with a studio. Simply a modest independent income.

Now, success doing what one wants to do, well that’s a total other issue. Good ideas, hard work, execution, these are indeed vital, but they are not success makers. In fact, success is often found with none of those traits, as many of you out in the working world may have begun to notice. So, one must diversify their goals. Game dev is but part of the grand plan, one which if fails does not collapse future goals, but becomes time well spend on something that wasn’t boring. That I could go on for quite a few eye bleeding pages, but I would highly recommend to everyone out there to consider several paths to reach your goals. Think of it like diversifying a stock portfolio.

let’s give this a go too

many many years ago I had an idea to make an RPG. the idea has changed and mutated throughout the years but the core of it has (finally) settled down to be an Action RPG with big focus on skill-based combat.
I was always an artist with the problem of not finding a programmer (hobbyist games are like that). Many years and engines later with a few programmers come and gone (around 4 years ago today) I re-started the work on Elium on UDK, and my inability/unluck to find a programmer pushed me to learn programming. about a year later I was convinced I could make an attempt to do everything myself but I started scaling the project down (stripping out most RPG elements and confining the playable area to only a dungeon)
I’m still not done with it but it already paid off by getting me a job as a game developer in the industry. I still work on it on my free time and at the moment I’m almost done with the combat programming and animations and I will move on to producing level art shortly.

Once I’m done with this one (early next year, I hope) I will finally move to UE4, where I will attempt to make a multiplayer semi-openworld sandbox iteration of Elium (that’s the current status of the idea anyway). For that I will once again resume in my attempt to form a small team.

Hah. That entirely different thing to what I have in mind and been working on. I say imagine what would you get if crossed Mass Effect, Dark Souls, Gothic and Dark Messiah.
And on top of that added environmental interaction. Wooden materials burn, water does actually extinguish fire, and ice can be melt. And once your mage create stone wall, it stay here until someone smash it to pieces. Might not seem like big deal, but I actually have yet to see RPG which allows you to do such “small” things and by that make world you play in more logical.

Im developing a racing and combat game, I’m a 3D artist so I make concepts and 3D models so I’m searching for a programmer. What pushed me into game development is a huge love for good games and the lack of this kind of game plus some good ideas I have I’d like to implement, furthermore this are hard times and the work is everyday less and less.

I’m still very, very early in development, most of cars concept have been fleshed out and I’m testing the fisrt assets in UE4 and making the modifications to the bodies accordingly, slow process for now.
When I was younger I used to program in Quick Basic, Turbo Pascal but today It seems too difficult to learn C++.

Currently i am working on MMORPG demo. Why? Because i hate single-player games and i hate indi games.

Side scrolling shooter, I miss the days of contra.

I remember you guys making this in CryEngine. I just went over your Facebook posts, and it seems like you guys dropped CryEngine around the same time that we did. If you don’t mind my asking, what caused the switch for you?

I am making a first person adventure game. It is inspired by an old flash game call crimson room, & trigger by Gone home. After playing Gone home, I kept thinking to myself, I can do this, & so I started researching into game development.

Since they are no animatable characters, & took place only in a house, I feel its possibly to be done solo, with some help. I started in March, learning UDK & now UE4 (2 weeks ago), as well as revise my programming, started making 3D asserts, & working on the game puzzles & story. There has been progress, but its still far from done.

The main plot and big puzzle pieces are mainly completed in design concepts, but there are many plots & game play holes still needing to be filled, but I am pretty happy with the progress. Assert creation is lacking far behind, but since the game took place mainly in a house, I can reuse a lot of asserts, for instance, the rooms & toilet can be make more than 50% common parts with same variation.

Back to the chosen game type. Its a less crowded game type (not adventure game, but the first person perspective aspect with focus on realistic visual (than say stylized) , & I thought I can make a game that can also catered to the very casuals & women, since I will design it with a very clear hint system, should the gamer just wanted to experience the story.

I’m working on a chess based logic puzzle, which isn’t a game of chess per se.

I’ve completed the game in many languages and frameworks from the original version AMOS Basic on the amiga, to using C with a gaming library called allegro, just as a fun exercise in learning C, to Flash with several frameworks(to learn Flash Actionscript), Python with Kivy(yep to learn some Python), Lua in GiderosMobile framework, partially done in Unity 3d, and Leadwerks, and now finally in UE4 I’m about 20 percent done with the basic piece logic all sussed out now. I only ever released the C version, in a competition and won a prize for it. :smiley:

Finally I may have settled into an engine that I can put out the game in glorious 3D, although the 3D pipeline is a weakness for me, not being a modeler.

I’ve also got ideas for some other games I hope to get around to one day, most likely as my retirement hobby, not one for gardening haha.

Enjoying the BP way of doing things although it actually seems harder to do than cutting code, to be honest. (Particularly when you revisit the BP later) Not a fan of C++, and would love to be able to use Lua in this engine some day.

My motivation is simply to see something working on a screen that started as an idea.


Hi. I started messing about using ue3 in the earlier days then moved to udk. I’ve never really made a game using udk just creating maps just for fun. But about 2 years ago i started using construct 2 to make a zelda game (still in development) again for my own fun. Since unreal 4 was released ive started to re-learn in the 3d environment and am currently in the proccess of making a zombie wave type 3rd person shooter, which will be slow paced and all about survival rather than run and gun type.