What tutorials would you like to see?


I am getting right to the point:

What tutorials would you like to see?

Note: I will focus on blueprint systems only, because I want more people to get involved in that system. It is simply a powerful tool, which I want to push

I’ve come across a bunch of tutorials on Youtube, which were either incomplete or straight too simple in complexity to use for anything.

I would like to help although I am a busy man, but provide frequent tutorial videos to help people, because I just like the Unreal community :).

I will not do a poll, because there would be a lot of areas to cover, aka FPS, RTS, Tower defense… just a wildwest of different genres.

So my question is to you:

Which tutorials would you like to see (and in what genre exactly?)

Keep in mind that I will not flatout commit to this, because I want to assess the situation and if I can do it in a reasonable timeframe :).

Shoot away!

Another note: I am not a native english speaker. So please be understanding :).

Tutorials already made:

*Near Clip plane tutorial: *(added 06/09/2017) ***Tutorial: Gamemode and character creation: *(added 14/09/2017)
Widget tutorial (Part 1): Introduction and explanation of components: (added 21/09/2017) **Widget tutorial (Part 2): Integration of widget and update events vs bindings: (added 21/09/2017)

A NearClipPlane tutorial especially for Large-Worlds with examples / caveats would be really helpful. Thanks!
Many tutorials cover low NearClipPlane settings or. z-fighting of player-attached-guns versus environment etc.
But few if any cover engine-rendering with regards to z-fighting and large-worlds with massive distant meshes.

For example:
Tutorials often cover NearClipPlane settings of 3,5,10,20 etc. But how about 100 or 1000?
When using high-settings… Any ramifications / drawbacks gotchas or hidden-catches?


First of all, I wanna say thanks for your offer for potential tutorials :slight_smile:

I would LOVE to see a tutorial about UMG widgets. Especially composited widgets and how to interface them with the game logic (bindings vs Update functions).
Also I would DIE to see an example of how UMG is set up via code.with this strange markup “language” (couldnt find anything useful)…

Most important: More than out-of-context snippets but real (complete) exmples.


@iamjohngalt1975 : Thanks for pointing that out. It somehow linked to my creator page, which is a little weird :D. But I fixed it now.

@franktech : Ah, near clipping plane. Yeah that can be a problem. Worked with it, when working on my Hack and slash project in the past. I will look into it!

@KVogler: Ok, I can hardly avoid UMG widgets, because I need to use them all the time. I can work this out. In terms of the UMG code with the markup language, I can’t help there sadly. This is actually the first time I heard of that :).

I will focus on blueprint systems only, because I want more people to get involved in that system. It is simply a powerful tool, which I want to push :).

Thanks for the quick responses btw :). I have so much stuff in my head, what I would LOVE to share, because it simply isn’t something I can use in my projects :D.

@iamjohngalt1975 : I’m so sorry. I edited my biography instead of my signature. I found the very obfuscated “Edit signature” setting finally :).

@iamjohngalt1975 : This should work now. I signed me out and tried it with two different browsers. Youtube messed something up :).

So, I wasn’t neglecting this thread, I actually did something behind the scenes. I made a Near Clip plane tutorial/explanation and I hope it is helpful. I atleast tried my best. Sorry for my english and stumbling over words, because I am not a native english speaker :). I wanted to add subtitles, but that isn’t happening on a 33 minute video :). I will update the first post accordingly.

KVogler, you might be the next. I hope I will get to it soon :).

I would like to see a little tutorial on a mesh object coliding with the landscape and saying in a print string message ‘ground was hit’. each time it hits the ground. I don’t know how to do this yet in blueprints. but I need it for my flycam so i can wire up the dialogue system to it once i have got the code to detect when the flycam strikes against
the landscape.

Is there a full on mouth-breather’s guide to Blueprints? I took a Udemy class that didn’t explain vectors, floats, actors, or anything - just ran through a step by step process of replicating what the teacher was doing. Not why.

I went to the linked page and it’s an out of date video that doesn’t work anymore. I couldn’t figure out how to hook up the light.

I’m looking for a “my tongue hangs out as I type with my thumbs” stupid tutorial of blueprint. :confused:

@tozan : I have it on my list and it will be made :).

@thedreameater : Sure. I can make a general purpose guide/tutorial, which will explain the stuff in the blueprint editor with examples :).

BTW: Thank you all for the interest in this topic. I really want to share my knowledge, but it is always a hassle to find out, what people actually would find useful :). I will try to get the tutorials out as soon as my schedule allows it :).

If the flycam falls from the sky I wanted it to complain with a print string when it falls down from a certain height. So if it fell from just 10 feet it dosen’t complain straight away and but it keeps a little counter on how many times you let it hit the ground before it starts to complain with a print string when its fall counter reaches to a certain number. But if falls from 20 feet up it then it immediately starts to complain with a print string saying you let it drop too far. , But if falls from 100 feet or higher then its gets destroyed , a quick flash then it dissapears and goes back again to the main player. Is there a way to detect how far it falls down from the sky ? What I require at the moment is just a simple little cube, and a small little landscape, and some simple little print strings outputs to let me know when its hitting the landscape from a certain height. Then that takes care of the Free-Fall crash system for the flycam…

But flycams also crash head on into things as well. so for crashing into buildings,I wanted to put a collision trigger around the building, then set the flycam to complain only if the forward velocity is over 2000 if its under it then it does nothing, but if its 6000 or higher, then
when it hits it flashes gets reverted back to main player with the print string ‘Returning Item’;. I already have the switch back pawn code,
so I just need only the detection landscape code and a simple print string to show the hit result when it hits it.

Now I do have another request. I need a simple little mover for my Noobus Map so I can beable to put the Noobs up in the air
and have some of them floating all out of control or moving around like shopping cart trolleys or bowling alleys without gravity.
With some basic movements…

So I need a simple cube actor to do the following set of basic movements from these key presses. So I can see how its
to be coded, then I can take those basic movements and add them to my Actors in my game to get them to do
these different kinds of movements as part of the outrageous storyline that’s going on in my game down on Noobus.

1 Ping Pong Once,
2 Ping Pong Loop,
3 Reverse,
4 One Way Only,
5 UP and Down

But to add a hovering effect also to any of those movements might require a timeline and an Interp node. (advanced)…

Rope swinging, and sliding do not have the best tutorials on Youtube. Most rope swings are grapples.
We also dont have a lot of good Particle effect attacks, or animation blending tutorials. Especially for getting jump spot on, Jump to Falling/float, stepping off ledge not activate jump anim, jump to ground pound etc. A lot of people have issues with it. Especially bone blends, and transitions.
Then there are environmental issues with lighting, and tips and tricks.
One thing I also don’t see enough of is compiling projects, and building to devices to test workflows.

Hey peops!

Sorry that it took a while to get back to the thread. I am pretty busy lately, so that can and will probably happen more. Because I am a critical person, I actually recorded many many hours of video material, which I scrapped a lot of due to me not being satisfied with the result, speech or outside disturbences aka construction noise and my dog barking relentlessly sometimes :).

I have uploaded 3 new videos. One about creating a basic functioning game mode with third person character controls from scratch, one about explaining the most used widget components in detail and the last being adding the widget to the player screen + talking about the difference between update events and bindings with a simple, but effective example. Part 3 of the widget tutorial will be made too, where I create composited/child widgets embedded into one big main widget and we literally make rocket science. So be prepared^^.

@KVogler: I hope I get to part 3 soon, so I can show you my approach about integrating child widgets with gameplay functionality :).

To all other people: I already looked at your requests. I will see, what I can do, if I get the time for it :).

BTW: Please keep in mind that I don’t just create a tutorial focused on your requests. I always try to put a context behind the tutorial, so other people can understand, how to do things without coming across this thread. This means I need to involve topics, which are intertwined or related to your requested topic or questions.
Just wanted to tell you about my workflow, so you might have an idea, why it takes some time to prepare these tutorials :).

So, have a nice one :).
Tutorial: Gamemode and character creation:
Widget tutorial (Part 1): Introduction and explanation of components: Widget tutorial (Part 2): Integration of widget and update events vs bindings: