What to start learning for an action rpg style combat system?

I posted this in answerhub. got nothing. So posting here also.

I would like to make a action rpg style game that controls like ESO, Neverwinter, Tera. etc. With mouse turn and crosshair in middle of scree, also, 3rd person. A targeting system that has a lot bigger hit range so your crosshair has to be close to the target to, say cast a spell, and that spell will lock on target if it is projectile, or just hit if instant spell.

I am super new to ue4 and programming a game in general, I have already got a game that has basic 3rd person movements, attacks, health bars and such, so I have learned a little.

My question is: I want my character to always faces forward and backpeddle when you hit the s key not turn and face the camera. I know there is an orient to camera option but that breaks my blendspace. Can figure that out some other time, unless someone has a fast how to on that. :slight_smile:

Anyways, my question is, what should I be learning to be able to do this? Should I learn line tracing from fps to do this? or is there a different way to see if my crosshair in on or close to a target and make that the target? I have not looked at any fps tutorials so do not know nothing of this line tracing stuff.

I just want to make sure I am looking at the right tutorials to accomplish this before I get into stuff that does not matter and maybe get me side traced from the best option

Thanks for any responses in advance!

Break down what you want in your game and then start watching tutorials about them on Youtube.

Here is what I got: