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    Action jRPG Template

    Click image for larger version  Name:	Featured Image.png Views:	165 Size:	749.5 KB ID:	1775359

    Highly customizable blueprint template to create great quality action jRPG games with almost no coding.

    Play Demo:
    Trailer Video:
    Sample Project:
    Facebook Page:

    • 100% Blueprints
    • Explore / Battle on same map
    • Control different units anytime
    • Melee, range & magic combat
    • Melee hit detection & projectiles
    • Dodge and miss logic
    • Targeting system
    • Generic AI that can use skills
    • Battle transitions
    • Battle boundaries effect
    • Equipment system
    • Different mesh depending on equipment
    • Combo system
    • Different attack animations based on weapon
    • Quest system
    • Crafting system
    • Stats and leveling system
    • Supportive & offensive skills
    • Target & area skills
    • Usable items
    • Boss fights
    • Save / Load feature
    • Interactables
    • Item buy / sell vendor
    • Console support
    • Fully functional UI
    • Time Warp effect is included
    • Compatible with Conversation2D Plugin

    Trailer Video:

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    Looks Amazing. Please tell me this is multiplayer ready? - S P A G H E T T I: Ninja Swords, Guns & Monsters & Other S**t! - Join Our Discord


      Multiplayer is not supported yet. But have plans to make it multiplayer in the future updates.


        Added documentation:


          The asset has been released!



            The asset has been updated! New version changes:
            - Quest system

            Added new menu button to show active and completed quests.

            Added BP_HuntingQuestBase for quests related to killing specific unit,
            BP_ItemQuestBase for collecting specific item,
            BP_QuestBase for any other quests.

            Added BP_QuestNPCBase base class for receiving and delivering quests.
            Have a look at BP_QuestNPC to understand how to use this class.


              I would like to get this and make it usable in Virtual Reality. Any comments / warnings about doing that? Thanks


                wparkman Sorry for late reply. I guess you already bought it. I believe you need to be very experienced to make it work with VR. Explore mode might be easy but I don't know how the battle mode and the whole UI system will work in VR.


                  The asset has been updated! New version changes:
                  - Crafting system

                  Added BP_CraftItemBase blueprint to create an item based on chance when player has enough materials in inventory.

                  Added new interactable called BP_ForgeBase for player to interact and craft items.

                  Documentation has been updated:
                  - Check Craft Item section for more information about crafting feature
                  - Added steps needed to run sample project