What to do with my simulation?

Hi, I´m a beginner in a game development and I want to use UE4 for cinematic use(short action films) but I don´t know how to transfer my sim(from fumefx or houdini) to the engine.I will render it and then I don´t know what to do with it.Is there a free tutorial or something?I can´t find anything.Do I need photoshop or I can do it even with after effects?I played a bit with sample explosion in particle editor but when I double-clicked on explosion material I was confused.Is there something that will explain me how to properly setup everything?Please help if you can.Thanks.
Sorry for my english.

Hi Andulak,

FX usually need to be done in the runtime environment. This means you have 2 opetions: First is to try to achieve your effect using tools in UE4, which you’ll have to learn a little about anyway to do option 2. Option 2 is to render your FX from Fume or Houdini as sprite sheets and use them with UE4’s particles or animated texture materials.

I have my simulation rendered as png sequence and I can play it in after effects but how I don´t know how to make them as tiles.Is there a soft that can do this for me?I don´t want to do it manually.

If you use Houdini, you can just use the Mosaic COP.

If not, try SpriteSheetPacker.

So I tried SSP but it don´t make it good.Then I found texturepacker and it working as intended.Thanks.