What to charge for Arch-viz realtime

I don’t know if many of you guys are considering using UE4 to sell visualization, but I do. I have one client at the moment.

My client doesn’t need ultra realism but he is interested in movies and possibly real-time. I have a good idea how much still images and movies are Worth. And the cool thing with UE4 is we don’t have to spend half the budget on render costs :slight_smile:

How much would you charge for a Real time viz… since you are providing your client a .exe. Would you charge the equivalent of a movie? or way more…Considering a standard video fly-tru can be sold for 100$/sec, or even more. I Wonder how much we could make for doing real-time stuff. I know it’s a bit more work since we can’t use as many tricks like model just the visible parts. In real time you pretty much need to make the whole environment pretty.

Glad to make this work. :slight_smile: We’re curious what other features or workflow improvements we can look at to help support arcviz efforts further. Send us your feedback!

It depends on your location and the scope of the project. Anywhere from $20 for a quick project to $100 for a highly detailed project, including costs of expenses (electricity, purchased assets, travel costs).

Again though, it depends on your market / location / cost of living.


One huge improvement I can think of is to have built in IES lighting profiles (generic) available, with the option for the user to use a more specific lighting profile (as is current).

You aren’t serious when you say 20 to 100$ heh? Unless you meant 20k…

Some way to render video / image sequences from inside a packaged game / archviz would be amazing.


Per hour! LOL.

:wink: now you’re talking!

Wheewwww, I was going to say… we were going to have to have a heart to heart. :slight_smile:

“Ready to use” material templates / material libraries would be great to enhance archviz worklow. And the possibilty to transfer postprocess volumes to new scenes could be a bonus. Or is it perhaps possible already?

Real time has an added cost for you: providing support. You’re basically selling them a “game” of sorts. Unlike a video, it might have compatibility problems when they try to run it in odd PC configurations or resolutions.

When I first looked at doing ArchViz with game engines, I had an idea to allow the user to switch between materials to see what they would like best. A good example would be to show off what the design would look like with a ceramic floor, wood flooring, or carpet of different colors. With the aforementioned support for multiple PC configurations, the best bet would be to demo the software on a closed system, ie: your machine (laptop ideally).

Think of this style of ArchViz as being a final preview before the build starts.

Of course, if you’re looking for ArchViz at a “tourist/walkthrough” aspect, then yes, you will need to worry about different configurations then.

Transferring PP volumes is as easy as copying one volume and pasting it into the new level. Easy!


I stumbled upon this article, maybe you can take a look, $95K for one project, not bad :smiley:

95000$ is pretty incredible. Even if it took them 3 months to complete, that’s roughly $180/hour

The price seems fair to be honest…They don’t explain what they used for the realtime occulus demo tho…The images we see on the article looks like vray renders…i’d be curious to know what they’ve used.

Well, this is one of theirs: Doral Palms - YouTube

Not sure what they made it in though.

I agree, and they market their services pretty well:

And the demo reel:

I’m under the impression they use cry engine for their ‘‘real time’’…the rest looks like vray to me…Impressive nonetheless. Maybe they use Lumion?

The video look really good. Its amazing what you can now create and the technology is always expanding.