What the hell is going on with the lighting?

I am trying to get an architecture visualization configuration in my UE4, so I followed this tutorial

And I change some things in the Baselightmass.ini file. But I made a copy, and I restarted the file to the original. However, since I made this changes, I’ve experimented some lighting problems, mainly in interiors, like this


Could someone help me to find out what’s the problem?

The wall is probably missing a UV map or maybe you made a typo when adjusting it’s resolution. For example you type 1204 instead of 1024. It can do stuff like that. Happened to me before.

You also have a severe light leak coming from that wall. Check it’s normals too. Does it have thickness?

The wall was made just like the others, with BSP, and I 've never had to change anything to get a good results. Besides, the wall is apparently not casting shadows, but the “cast shadows” option is activated. Also seems to be a problem with the light, since I get this weird spot around the table…