what software did epic staff use to bake the hair texture for the material?

I try to use XNormal to do the job but the texture looks different from theirs and the hair is thicker, so I wonder how they do the texture

Just use blender. The only important part is to keep the tips in the correct direction that the material calls for.
Any 3d software that can bake down or render flat will be able to do the trick. You just need a few colors applied.
black to white from root to tip, actual color with variation, maybe a normal bake, just to have it.
and definitely a transparency.
To do the transparency right in blender you have to set up a camera, and render the scene.

thanks, I will try blender though I dont event have it :smiley:

Hi, after serveral hours searching tutorials and tries, I think blender did can bake the texture but the creation has many noises due to the backend rendering I guess? and… somehow the epic guys’ texture has a circle around the hair string? I dont really how how they just gain it by 1 render process or several manual job really :X

There are a couple of things of note. One of the textures is supposedly an ID chart in which every hair strand has different colors.
Usually I don’t bother with that particular texture.

To decrease the noise you just need to adjust the render settings. Enable GPU bake, set the maximum render tile size to 2048 (if on a 1080ti or better, 1024 if 1070 or less).
Then you set the number of bounces, probably to something like 12. Maybe increase past that if the render is still noisy.

There are a few tutorials on properly setting up renders to where you don’t grow old waiting for them. You should have a look at a few of them to optimize things.

Overall the images are usually composite, so you render a few and compose them together.